Wildseeds Sci-Fi Generator Writing Salon

Wildseeds will be hosting our next Sci-Fi Generator Writing Salon on Nov. 22 from 2-4PM at “I LIVE for the FUNK: Communities Creating Resistance, Imagining Beyond the State,” which is a day-long participatory and playful lead-up event — aka ‘pre-funk party’ — to INCITE!’s upcoming conference, The Color of Violence 4—Beyond the State: Inciting Transformative Possibilities.

Sci-fi Generator Writing Salons are tools for radical imagining that allow us to write our stories and tell our truths, cultivating that creative pulse and visioning power in all of us.

In New Orleans, Wildseeds: The New Orleans Octavia Butler Emergent Strategy Collective hosts regular salons where we identify issues happening in our local communities and through collaborative speculative fiction visioning, storytelling, and writing, we work together to build worlds in which to explore those issues deeply.

Adrienne Maree Brown founded the first salons in Detroit and coined the term “collaborative ideation” – creating a future that isn’t seeded from one mind, but woven together from lots of minds and hearts and bodies. For the Detroit salons, visit: http://detroitscifigenerator.wordpress.com/

Join Wildseeds here in New Orleans as we vision together, write together, and share our stories at the COV4 Pre-Funk party. For this special salon, we’ll be exploring the ways violence impacts our communities and creating stories together that explore emerging strategies and imaginative frameworks for addressing that violence.

For more info on the entire day-long COV4 Pre-Funk party, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1501720613421326/