Workshop: Spring Equinox Wildcrafting

Wildseeds is celebrating the Spring Equinox! This is an opportune time to creatively cast and intentionally practice ancestral wisdom. We all got it, we all can activate remembrance! Let’s gather in honor of the Spring, Octavia, our ancestors, Womyn’s Herstory Month, and Black/Brown magick!

The workshop is hosted by Wildseeds co-founder Soraya Jean-Louis and will consist of:

1. SpringE Gemstone pendant making – you will get to choose and learn about a variety of gemstones,  create a pendant and activate your pieces collectively.

2. Colored Love Notes – creating cards for our loved ones and/or our selves. Divining with words from Octavia text ( doesn’t have to be Octavia) and creating imagery sparked by her wisdom.

3.  Free Space – are you already working on a project and want additional assistance or maybe just a creative vortex to enhance creative juiciness ? Bring it and work it!

4. Short movie screening and/or readings.

* $5-$10 sliding scale donation to support supply cost*

When: Friday, March 20th
Time: 6:30-10:30PM

Contact nolawildseeds [at] gmail [dot] com for location info and more info!