Join Wildseeds at the Launch Party of “Mixed Company”!

Come celebrate Wildseeds members who are part of “Mixed Company,” an independent publication featuring the writing and visual art of women of color currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana, including Addie Citchens, Jeri Hilt, Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy, Ambata Kazi-Nance, J.R. Ramakrishnan, and Kristina K. Robinson.

The 21st century moment is an exciting and uncharted time in literature and publishing with new and traditional media forms both co-existing and duking it out to create new avenues for artists to get their work to the public. This literary late night offering will highlight the interplay between tradition and innovation and the syncretic results of a culture of diaspora. Our book launch party will include a multi-media presentation of literature, art, film and music that will expand our notions of reading and seeing into the present, past and future.

Presented in collaboration with The Loving Festival and The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, and support from Southern Eagle Sales & Service, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation, and Charitable Film Network.

For more information visit their tumblr.