Wildseeds curates and hosts visual, musical, literary, and performing arts shows with artists of color. We also collaborate with artists or co-sponsor events with groups working to bring visual art, literature, music, theater, film, dance, and other creative art practices and performances to communities of color. So far this year, we’ve collaborated with artists to put on small house concerts, author readings, musical performances, workshops, art shows, book releases, and receptions.

We centralize and visibilize the work of Black artists and other artists of color, with a specific focus on women of color and queer artists of color. For us, art can be a healing modality that encourages movement building as well as community building. We celebrate work that explores the lives of marginalized people in deep, radical, and truth-telling ways; work that can range from the fantastical to the futuristic; and work that is community-focused, visionary, celebratory, ancestral, and spectrally-radiant.